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About Ken Rouse

“Welcome to a discussion of money
which does not begin with money at all…
It starts with you! ” – Ken Rouse
Author of Putting Money In Its Place

For over 30 years, Ken Rouse, president of The Rouse Companies, Inc., has been providing valuable life planning services to individuals and families. He is author of Putting Money In Its Place, and the architect of LifeFocus, a fully integrated financial and retirement planning software program.

Thousands of lives have been impacted and millions of dollars have been re-directed through the specific, personal and practical advice provided by The Rouse Companies. People of all ages and income levels, with or without financial knowledge, have successfully attained their financial and life goals by following Ken Rouse’s simple and easy to understand guidelines.

Even people who have lost their jobs or whose businesses have failed, have found ways to put new money into their lives, making the difference between despair and hope, and between the temptation to give up and the ability to move forward with confidence.

So, take advantage right now of this free opportunity to access and explore these life planning resources that can positively change your life.