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The Challenge

How to put money into your life in meaningful ways.

Putting Money in it's Place

…is a unique, dynamic concept that shows you how to use your money to get what you want out of life. The genius of this unusual approach lies in involving readers intimately in a broad spectrum of basic considerations affecting the financial planning process.

How to define clearly what you want in life.

How to set realistic goals.

How to make the most of your money to achieve those goals.

How to enjoy today while securing tomorrow.

How to take charge of your personal and financial life and benefit from professional advisers in your decision-making

And how to take specific steps to keep on planning and taking appropriate action throughout your life.


Ken Rouse

As one of the early Certified Financial Planners in the 1970’s, Ken Rouse helped pioneer the “Fee Only” Financial Planning Movement.  After serving business owners and high income professional clients for approximately ten years, he created a life planning workshop program for employees of major corporations.  Customized software was developed which included the employer-provided benefits.  

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